The History of the National Catholic Scout Fellowship


In 1925 a group of interested adults arranged a pilgrimage for Catholic Scout Groups to Rome.


The same group decided that a body concerned with the religious and spiritual development of Catholic Scouts was very important. So with the approval of the Catholic Hierarchy they formed the CSAC (The Catholic Scout Advisory Council), and a Bishop was appointed as its Religious Advisor.


Based on Dioceses, Guild's were formed in order to offer support at a local level. Diocesan Chaplains were also appointed to guide the Guilds.


Over many years the CSAC organised many activities and supporting Leaders to the benefit of the Scout Associations young people.


However, over time the number of Guilds has reduced to two nationally. Bristol and Birmingham. Also Catholic Sponsored Groups have diminished. Now many of our young Catholic people and Leaders belong to other faith or non-denominational Groups. Many Catholic adults also work at National, Regional, County and District levels in many differing roles.


In 2005, and in line with the Scout Association policy of all Scout adult support groups coming under its adult support section, the CSAC became The National Catholic Scout Fellowship (NCSF).


2011 saw another name change from Fellowship to Scout Active Support Units but the NCSF was able to retain its title with the addition “Actively Supporting Catholics In Scouting”.