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Fr. John Requiem - Monsignor John Furnival

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Words spoken by Monsignor John Furnival at the end of the Requiem Mass for Fr John Seddon.


Mgr Furnival is the Parish Priest of Ss. Peter and Paul, Crosby, where Fr John resided.

Fr. John will be buried at Ss. Peter and Paul’s churchyard, Crosby (where his parents are buried).

There will be refreshments at Ss. Peter and Paul’s and at St. Helens Parish Centre, Crosby.

Thanks to those who have helped to prepare for that in the parish.

It has been a long road we’ve travelled with Fr. John – a journey of joys and sorrows. John always had a good sense of timing – and here we are in the middle of Lent sharing the sorrow of death but anticipating Easter and the Resurrection of the Lord!

John didn’t want anything ambitious for his Funeral – just for his body to be brought on a gun carriage on a barge along the Mersey, to Burbo Bank, and then escorted by outriders through the streets of Crosby to church. (Not quite, John!)

We have had something far better, a great celebration of Christian faith,  We could not have held this Funeral at SS. Peter and Paul’s Crosby as is evident from the number of people here, and I am very grateful to all at the Cathedral staff and community and all who have helped in any way in the preparation for the two Masses here in the Cathedral, last night and today.  Archbishop Malcolm, Bishop Tom, Archbishop Kelly and all the clergy.... so many thanks.

I knew that John had touched the lives of many people along the way but it is only now, at his Funeral Masses, that I have appreciated HOW many and how DEEPLY , and the extent of the contacts, friends and colleagues that he had. Some people might be surprised at the wide range of people whose lives he influenced.

Represented here last night and today we have his family to whom we promise our continued prayers; also many close friends of John, his fellow-priests, of course the Scouts to which he gave so much time and energy all his life, parishioners from a number of parishes, School Staff and children from Great Crosby Cath. Primary School, Sacred Heart Catholic College, Crosby,  and other schools, the Apostleship of the Sea, Seafarers, the Police, former work colleagues, Youth Workers, The Lourdes Association and other pilgrimage groups, musicians and singers, Great Crosby Primary School Choir  (thanks to all of them) and maybe even one or two former fellow travellers on the Cruise Liners (John used to tell me on his return what hard work it had been on the cruise…. He took the wind out my sails - as I was about to tell him off!)

All of those represented here and many more I would like to thank today for all their support and prayers.

I loved John as a brother, friend and a fellow-priest and for the inspiring character he was.

A big personality and talent has gone from us, but he will by no means be forgotten.

God bless you for being there for Fr. John and for being here today.

Reproduced by kind permission of Mgr. John Furnival.

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